Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Feather Swirl Soap

I recently tried the ''Feather Swirl' soaping technique. 
I didn't actually get a 'Feather', but.....I did get a leaf! 

That's the exciting (and frustrating) part of soaping. 
You just never know what you are going to find when you do 'the cut'! 

Here are some pics on the process.

 I used oils and fragrance oils I that knew would not trace quickly. 

Castor Oil
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Lavender EO
Lemongrass FO

I needed a very light trace to make this work.

I set the dividers close together (about and inch apart)

I used 5 different colors in 5 different containers.
I poured about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of soap in each container, except the
one with titanium dioxide which was in a squeeze bottle: added only about 1/4 cup.
Very slowly I poured a line of colored soap down 
the middle of the partitioned off section of the mold, and
repeated this process until I had very little soap batter left.

I filled up the outside sectioned with the rest of the white batter
(it never really was a true white).

When I was through layering the colors I slide the partitions out.

Taking the instrument I use for doing a hanger swirl I
did just that: the hanger swirl.
I put the hanger right down the middle of the colored layers of
soap until it touched the bottom.
Slowly I dragged the hanger along the bottom of the
mold and then brought it up against the far side
of the mold and out.

I poured on the rest of the uncolored soap batter for the final layer,
and dribbled what was left of the colored soap
on top and made a swirl design.

Twenty four hours later I took it out of the mold.
Because this was a Bastile Soap (over 50% Olive Oil)
it was still a bit soft. But.......I had
to at least cut the ends off! I am very impatient
when it comes to seeing what it inside a new soap!

I was able to cut the rest of the soap within
a few hours. Here are the rest of the cuts.

If you need a more visual process here is
Claudia Pazfernik's video on:
silent soaping - Secret Feather Swirl
on YouTube.



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